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The official Animal HealthNew OIE standard operating procedures

Animal Health Posted on 2021-11-15 09:02:50

New OIE standard operating procedures

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Standard operating procedure for listing decisions for pathogenic agents of terrestrial animals

This procedure describes the process to be followed for assessing a pathogenic agent of terrestrial animals against the criteria in Chapter 1.2. of the Terrestrial Animal Health Code for decisions regarding inclusion in the OIE List in Chapter 1.3.

[ View the procedure (October 2020) ]

Standard operating procedure for determining if a disease should be considered as emerging disease

This procedure describes the process to be followed for determining if a disease meets the Terrestrial Animal Health Code definition for an emerging disease and the consequent actions until the scientific information available is sufficient to support a fully informed assessment against the listing criteria as described in Chapter 1.2. of the Terrestrial Code.

[ View the procedure (March 2021) ]

Standard operating procedure on the publication of the self-declaration of animal health status of Members

This procedure describes the process for the preparation, screening and publication of self-declarations of freedom from any disease (other than those diseases for which the OIE has put in place a specific procedure for official recognition of animal health status).

[ View the procedure (June 2021) ]

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